Sunday, June 2, 2013

A non-running adventure, plus the WLWC!

My husband’s nephew had recently graduated from high school (the last one of that generation to do so) and they were having an open house for him on Sunday May 26th.  So that Sunday morning, we loaded up the car and headed to Ballwin, Missouri.  My husband wanted to get a super early start so that we could see the start of the Indy 500 at their house.  (It isn’t broadcast locally in Indianapolis or the surrounding areas – don’t get him started on it!)   But we had been out late the night before so we didn’t leave the house until around 9:00am.  It is about a 4 hour drive – depending on who’s behind the wheel -  and we only made two stops.  Once to switch drivers so he could take a nap and then after about an hour we stopped for a quick bite to eat and he was back behind the wheel.



We didn’t miss too much of the beginning of the race and there wasn’t much to do since our SIL had most of it under control   The Open House was to start at 4:00pm.  Sadly the forecast was for rain and sure enough just after four o’clock, the rain started coming down in buckets. Sad smile   But it didn’t last long and there were canopies set up and tables were in the garage as well.  It was a nice turnout and later in the evening,  so that my SIL could visit with all the guests, I started cleaning things up in the kitchen.  My husband’s other brother (who was in from Florida) started helping as well.  The next thing I know, the clean-up had moved outside and was spearheaded by the SIL’s Mom!  I felt bad because I felt like it was “forcing” people to leave before they maybe wanted to.  But at the same time, maybe it WAS time for some of them to go.

Cake made by the graduate's Dad!

Cake made by the graduate's Dad!


The graduate, his sister, Mom & Dad


Family – Central Indiana Chapter, Florida rep & the Missouri Chapter

We woke up the next morning and were on the road somewhat early.  Stopped for gas (and coffee) before getting on the interstate.  On the way over to Missouri, my husband had seen some signs for the World’s Largest Wind Chime but I didn’t see them.  Well after a few hours on the road, he sees them again and luckily it was the same exit that had a McDonald's so he could get a sweet tea.  Got the sweet tea and then headed a few blocks south and sure enough, found the World’s Largest Wind Chime (of course, I’ll have to take their word for it).  We didn’t go in the restaurant but the area outside was very pretty and peaceful.  There was a handle so that you could pull the chimes to hear them.  After all it would take a substantial breeze to get those puppies rockin’! 




Glad we stopped especially since it wasn’t that far out of the way.  It now has us researching other “World’s Largest (things)” to see what else is out there!

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