Thursday, July 7, 2016

2016 Mid-Year Check In

2016 is officially half over and I'm not sure what all I have to show for those first 6 months.

I did at least find a new job - FINALLY - and I am so much happier! My drive time has been cut in half. I enjoy the "work" a million times better. It is the perfect fit for where I am now in life.

Training for half marathons - or running in general - hasn't quite come to the full front yet like I wanted it to but I think it will get there. I've become lazy both physically and mentally. I need to work on BOTH of those areas.

I'm still on track to reach my 100th lifetime half marathon on September 17th here in Indianapolis at the Indy Women's Half. Fingers crossed there is no major storm this year to cause it to get black flagged! I'm officially registered for everything and here is how the schedule plays out:

  • July 9th - Indiana Women's Trail Half (#97): I don't necessarily have high hopes for this one because we've had a lot of rain lately and there is rain in the forecast almost every day leading up to it. I'm not a big fan of trail running anyway but this fit my schedule. I could very easily walk the entire things - or at least a majority of it. 
  • August 13th (#98) - Beaver Chase Urban Trail Half: I did this one last year and said I didn't really care for it once I was done. But looking back I think it was mostly because I didn't know what to expect prior, it was crazy hot that day and it was a tough course (for me) but I'm kind of anxious to try it again.
  • September 10th (#99) - Hendricks County Half: it isn't a very scenic course but the start line is about 10-15 minutes from my house. There are some long stretches of country road where I'm often out there alone so it gets mentally boring for me.
  • September 17th (#100) - Indy Women's Half: this is the 6th year for this race and I've done it every year. I wanted my 100th to be a local race and this is a good one for sure. I'll admit that I hope some friends will be there for me at the finish line.
What do you do after you've reach #100? You keep running and counting, I guess.

But I'd like to end the year on a number that ends in zero so that its easier to keep track of Lifetime vs YTD. For example, if I didn't do any more half marathons after #100, I could start 2017 with Lifetime #101 and #1 of 2017, Lifetime #102 and #2 of 2017, etc.  However, I am already registered for Monumental and Space Coast in November of this year. So I've decided that I need to finish 2016 by completing my 110th Lifetime Half Marathon.

I've looked at the calendar and I think I've got them all plotted out and I've even registered for some of them.

I need to get back on the blogging game and do my race recaps. I didn't even get a blog post out here during the month of June and I think I'm 6 half marathons behind!  WHAT?!?!?!  I've actually started some of them but they are just sitting out here as drafts. Seriously SIX DRAFTS!!!  The oldest one dates back to May 24th.  I really need to finish these and post them. At this point it will be a lot of pictures because I'm sure I've forgotten most of the details.

Hopefully doing this mid-year "check in" has me back on track.

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