Friday, October 9, 2015

AUGUST 2015 - What I Did / From What I Remember

We kicked off the month of August by attending the Kid Rock concert. We saw him back in the early 2000's but I don't remember too much about that concert but this concert was great!  And an added bonus surprise was that Foreigner opened for him and they were fantastic! They sounded just like they did back in the late 70's and early 80's! And being able to use the VIP entrance and parking makes all the difference in the world. The client that my husband took knew some back ways to get there and then to leave afterward. That was the fastest we've EVER gotten home from that venue. AMAZING! 

Not many of our Kid Rock pictures turned out. Once it got dark, the harshness of stage lights and not being super close to the stage (although we did have good seats) most of the pictures were washed out. But it was a GREAT show!

On August 12th, I attended the Indy Honor Flight Guardian Training. Although I went to the one back in April because I was on stand-by, I felt like it would be good to get a refresher since I was actually GOING this time. I was so crazy excited to be doing this; you have no idea!!! The only thing that would make this trip better would be if my father was still alive and I could have taken him.
This is my Dad's service picture. He was so handsome!

Lastly, my brother and I headed to Atlanta, GA to participate in the Hotlanta Half Marathon. Hotlanta ended up being WETlanta and it was a difficult race for me. And although he had a tough trip home, it was nice to get to do another road trip with my brother K. You can read all about that HERE:


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