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Indy Double Road Race Review

June 01, 2014


I participated in this event last year (its first year in Indy) when it was held in August and it was HOT, HOT, HOT!  You can read about that HERE.  I had this on as “tentative” on my schedule and was waiting until closer to when the fee would increase before signing up.  But then they sent me an email that offered $10 off and I was in!  With fees and taxes I paid $39.68  That is a good deal, my friends.

As you may have read in my previous post, I stopped at the Blue Mile running store in Broad Ripple and picked up my packet on the way home from doing the Sunburst Half Marathon Saturday morning.  I did not sign up to be part of a team this year so I would not have to wear the red tank.  Tanks are not very flattering on me.  The shirt for this year was black again and although the weather was going to be much better than it was last August, black can make me very hot once the sun is up and beating down.  So I decided on an old white tech shirt and I was actually going to wear shorts.  WHAT?!?!?!  I was going to go “old school” and pin my bib to the front of my shirt – I didn’t need my big ol’ race belt for this – but instead opted for my husband’s skinny race belt.  The plan was to be downtown by 7:00AM so I set my alarm for 4:45AM thus didn’t stay up to long Saturday night.

RACE MORNING: Since this isn’t my “typical” race event, I skipped the toast and peanut butter this morning and ate half of a PowerBar that I had leftover along with my banana.  I actually left the house at my scheduled time!  I decided to splurge and park close to the event area rather than at my work garage.  It would only cost $5.  Got parked and situated and then went to check things out.  This year the event staff used the NIFS facility rather than the NCAA Hall of Champions.  This certainly made more sense from an equipment standpoint.  There were several people standing in line for the porta-potties but I knew there were public restrooms in the NIFS building and headed in there. 


There was a call for runners to line up and at 7:30AM, they fired the gun and the 10K portion was off.  Same route as last year; its nice when a course is familiar.  And although the weather was better, it was nice to see they had heeded our advice and there was a hydration station at the 1.5 mile point AND the 3 mile marker.  Thus we could have fluids 3 times during the 10K.  Last year there was only one station at the 3 mile marker. Tragically though at the 1.5 spot, I was incorrectly told who had water and who had Gatorade AND they had water in Gatorade cups and Gatorade in what should have been water cups.  DUH!  I saw a lady that I’ve seen at many races who does a run/walk combo and she was my target.  Plus, she sort of looked like she would be in my age group so that was even more incentive to finish before her.    And I did!

By the time I completed the 10K, there would be about a 25 minute “halftime” before the 5K would start.  So I walked to my car to get a cold water – their water bottles were warm – and I also got my bag to check.  While at bag check I asked a staff member from the Double Road Race about my quarterly medal and I was able to pick it up right there.  So I put that in the bag, along with my car key and my phone and checked it.  All of a sudden I hear the announce say that the 5K would start in 6 minutes.  WHAT?!?!?!  That would be about 15 minutes early.  Luckily he immediately corrected himself. 

The call was made for the 5K runners to line up and then we were off again.  Mostly the same crowd; there might have been a few that only did the 10K and now there were some that were only here for the 5K.  Once again I had run/walk lady in my sights and once again, I finished before.  I also turned on the jets – as much as I could – and passed two guys prior to the finish line.  I gotta admit THAT feels good to do.

I got my medal, a banana and then went and got my bag so that I could get my phone again.  I loitered around for a little bit and noticed that several massage tables were open so I went in and took advantage of a free massage.  Man!  Why haven’t I done that before?  Probably because at half marathons the line is super long to get one.  I had a picture taken in front of the banner and after checking my finishing time and rank.  I decided to go ahead and leave.  Although I feel like I faired pretty good from a finishing time standpoint since I’d just done a half marathon the morning before.  But since I wasn’t in the top three – where are these older female runners coming from? – I left and headed for home.



About an hour after being home our irrigation guy told my husband that I should have stuck around.  I guess I won a “door prize” (not sure what it was & must be present to win) AND I did get an age group award.  They give them out to the top 5 not just the top 3.  Crap!  I hurriedly called the host hotel but the group had all checked out that morning and then I called NIFS and they guy there could find anyone from the event still there either. 

I jumped on Facebook and sent a message.  I asked if they could hold the AG medal for me until the next quarterly medals and send them at the same time.  The lady sent a message back saying that she remembered me from getting my quarterly medal and that she would put the AG medal in the mail the next day and at no charge.  She said that I had earned it after the weekend that I just completed!

Well, it took a little longer to get the A.G. medal in the mail but it finally arrived!  Just like the finishers medal, it is two-sided; one side representing the 5K and the other side for the 10K.

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