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Drag Strip Dash 5k – Race Recap

October 26, 2013

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This was the second year for the Drag Strip Dash which takes place at Lucas Oil Raceway Park.  Once again it took place on the same day as the Muncie Mini Marathon.  This year they also added a 10K and a “mini” dash for kids.  The kids dash was 1/4 mile.

So after coming home and showering from the half marathon in Muncie, I had little time to rest since I didn’t get back until after 2:00PM.  Although the 5K & 10K didn’t start until 6:30PM, I planned on getting to the track at 6:00PM, to get my bib and shirt and to catch up with my husband.  My friend SJ(C)P was going to run it again this year and she was bringing her friend Carla so I wanted to make sure I found them.  One of the fun thing about this race for me is that – since my husband is one of the coordinators – he and I get “elite” bib numbers.  Shockingly, he always takes #1 and I get #2.  I should have gotten #1 this year since he wasn’t running!  Oh well. 

I was surprised to also she a girl from high school there.  She saw my post on Facebook about it and decided to sign up to walk it.


Me and girl I went to high school with


Me, Carla and SJ(C)P

Thankfully the weather forecast was much better than what we had this morning.


Sherri and Carla had decided to walk the 5K instead and while I was tempted to do the same, I was trying to hit 100 running miles for the month of October so I really need to run.  Thus I was on my own.

Happy to report that I didn’t take any walking breaks aside from taking some water at the halfway point.  For some reason it felt more difficult this year.  Maybe because I ran the half marathon faster this year and I didn’t have as much down time in between.  But with all that said, my finish time was a little faster than it was in 2012 so…who knows?  I waited for my friends to finish and then we went out to dinner.


Once again, it was a fun evening.  If this event takes place next year on the same day as the half marathon again, maybe I’ll push myself a little more and try to do the 10K.

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