Thursday, March 19, 2020

2019, July - REWIND

Looking back at July, it was a month of hodgepodge things! 

July 4th - For the past several years I've done a 4 mile race that is near my house. It is so much more convenient than driving downtown AND this race gives out finishers medals. The downtown race does not. So I get dressed in my festive 4th of July outfit, drive over and walk up to the registration table to get my bib. My name is nowhere to be found within the participant list and I couldn't find my confirmation email either. I guess I had planned on registering but never got around to it. I could have done "day of" registration but opted to just go home and run on my own later. I guess it's better to show up for a race that I wasn't actually registered for instead of forgetting that I was registered and NOT showing up!
July 11th - I went to a course preview run down in Mooresville, IN. The race will take place in the Fall and runs through an apple orchard. I'll be honest, I did not enjoy this course. Similar to a trail run, the surface is uneven, part of it was gravel rock and you also had to watch out for apples on the ground as well! But it was fun to visit this apple orchard which has been in business for 50 years. And the best thing of all, we each got an apple cider slushy which was AMAZING.
July 13th - I completed the Christmas in July half marathon. You can read about that here: Christmas In July Half Marathon

July 14th - five of us from Speedway Running Club drove to Shelbyville, IN to participate in an event called The Melt Down. This race consisted of three 5Ks in a row. You could do all 3 or just 1 or 2 of them. And yes, as the day progressed it got hotter and it felt like we were melting. It was fun to do this with my friends but I doubt that I'll ever do it again. Shelbyville is about 45 minutes east from where I live, they changed the age group categories for each race and we got a sticker medal. 😞
The most fun was having brunch afterward at the Cow Palace!
July 16th - MAKE IT TO BREAK IT: GetGo was in the Stadium in an attempt to break a "Most People Making Sandwiches Simultaneously" world record. Although we did not break the record, this was pretty cool to participate in. And who doesn't want to rock a hairnet! The sandwiches were distributed into the community by Gleaners Food Bank.  Man vs. Food host, but Adam Richman was the MC of this event and was very kind and generous with his time afterward. He talked to everyone and took pictures and signed autographs.
Doesn't everyone look stunning in a hairnet?
Sandwich assembly items and the wrapped-up finished product
July 18th -  RUN(317) event on Mass Ave. Once again it was really hot 🔥 and so the race was not officially timed. We always try to make the best of every situation so we walked and talked and stopped for Jello shots! 
JULY 19th - I became a last minute volunteer at the OBERUN which was taking place downtown Friday after work in Military Park. I didn't have any desire to run this since it was a beer run. Getting a free beer at the end as one of your perks for participating will never be a draw for me. But I had friends that were running it and they were in desperate need of more volunteers.
July 27th and 28th - IRONMAN 70.3 Ohio
You can read more about my husband participating in this event here: IRONMAN 70.3

Monday, March 9, 2020



February 2nd - Groundhog 7: this event is hosted by Indy Runners & Walkers every year. It is a "free event" (you just have to donate some canned goods) which benefits the Zionsville Food Panty. And although this race is free, it is a bib timed event. Both a 7 mile and 5 mile course are offered. I registered for the 7 miler. I wasn't really prepared for the distance (read: still not really doing any training) but sometimes you've just to get out there and see what is in the tank.
I almost didn't make it in time for the start though. My dog got sick several times that morning and was still working on cleaning all that up. But I got there 10 minutes before the start. I was in line to get my bib but then got notification that it was time for our run club photo. So I jumped out of line, made it to the group photo, back in line to get my bib and the race started 2 minutes later! Whew! And surprisingly my finish time wasn't too bad all things considered.
Yep...I saw my shadow! 😂
February 8th - Indy Mini Miler Series (3 Miler). This was the first race of the Miler Series which is a training program for the Indy Mini Half Marathon that will take place on May 2nd.  They offer a 3-miler in February, a 6-miler in March and then a 10-miler in April. You can register for the series or just individual races. Register for the series and you get a shirt and medal. Bundle the series with the race in May and you get an additional shirt & medal. It was a cold day for the race but the sun was out so that helped. Around the 2 mile marker the street was a little treacherous and I was doing more "ice skating" than running.
February 9th - Love Struck 5K and MY BIRTHDAY!!!!
In celebration / recognition of turning 55 years young, after completing the official 5K I continued running through downtown Indianapolis to add 2.4 more miles so that I would have a total of 5.5 miles. Those last 2.4 were the most difficult mentally. I knew all my friends were back in the bar/restaurant having fun and that's where I wanted to be...but I got them done. Racemaker Productions (who put on this event) bought me a special birthday drink and then everyone sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me. It really made me feel special. 😍💝
My running friends are truly some of the best people.

A few days prior to my birthday - because I use their mPerks - I received an email from Meijer that I could stop in & get a free donut. You just can't pass up that kind of deliciousness so on my way home after the race...that's what I did.
Later my husband and I went out for dinner. I usually choose Red Lobster (don't judge; I love it and only go once a year) but this time I decided on Olive Garden. Unfortunately we were seated in an area where a family was letting their child runaround like a hooligan while they were busy on their phones. We couldn't get out of there fast enough. But the Green Apple sangria and the birthday tiramisu - and being with my husband's - were all delightful.
February 14th - since my birthday is a mere 5 days prior, we usually do a low key Valentine's dinner at home.
February 16th - President's Day 5K in Evansville, IN. Normally you wouldn't catch me driving to the east side of Indianapolis to do a 5K but when I saw the medal for this race, a 2 1/2 hour drive to Evansville didn't seem unreasonable! And the fact that it was a afternoon race helped as well. I found out that we could get a small discount if a group of 3 or more registered so I convinced some girls from Speedway Running Club to join me. Once they saw the medal, it was an easy sell. We left at 9:30 in the morning so that we could get down there early and have lunch before the race. We chose a pizza place and although it was fine, I'm not dying to go back there and even with a 2 hour digestive window I was burping pizza during the race. So I'll need to fuel differently next time.

The course was 3 times around a loop at a sports complex down there. The weather was perfect for this time of the year and 2 of the girls placed in their age group. The race director mentioned that this was year one of a four-year series and since I don't want to be a quitter, looks like I'll be driving 2 1/2 hours for a 5K three more times! The medals with all be money themed.
Group photo with our medals & CK & Michelle with their AG pins
She's a beauty! 😍

February 22nd - I volunteered with the Speedway Running Club at the Winter Frosty Trail half & quarter at Eagle Creek Park. Angela and I had the perfect spot and we had so much fun cheering on the participants.
Several of us gathered after volunteering to celebrate Kitti's birthday with margaritas since it was also National Margarita Day.
The NFL Combine began loading in the Stadium again. 
So many people at the Convention Center were waiting in the wings hoping to see and/or get an autograph from a player or coach. Me? I just wanted to pet the Security Dogs. I'm happy to report that on Friday, I got to pet this dog!
February 29th - the final day of the 465 Virtual Challenge. Read about the kickoff and first month of this event here: 2020 January
It was so great to see all the different ways people were participating in the virtual challenge. I did a combination of walking and running. I kept up with posting on #MondayMotivation and usually did some sort of run photo on Saturday or Sunday. #WhereIsSusanWednesday was super fun to do and I think most people really enjoyed it. Even one of the male participants - when talking in the group about whether we'd do this again next year - said that I needed to make sure and bring my Wednesday updates with "Little Susan" back! I ended up with 176 miles which equaled 3 Loops and 17 miles. It was my FUN WITH NUMBERS: 317 is the area code for Indianapolis. My first run on the treadmill was 4.65 miles and my last treadmill run was 3.17 miles.
"Little Susan" starting her first loop and then carried a 2 Pennant on the 2nd loop on the map of 465 I had on my office wall to track my progress visually.
She changed into her Super Girl outfit while tackling the 3rd loop and then switched it up to a finish line girl on the last day.

Most of my purposeful walking and running - if I wasn't doing a race- was done on the treadmill in my basement but I did take it out side a couple of times. 

Great shirt and medal for this event!